Amilcar M Type Weymann Saloon 1928 Oily Rag



M Type
4  cylinder  , 1244 cc 
Conduite Interieure by Amilcar with Weymann Patent
Extra information:
Very rare car in Oily rag condition
Only driven 6463 km !!!!!
The French registration number 135 W 22 , tells us that this Amilcar was used when new by a car dealer as demonstration / company car. The “W’ in the registration number is used by car dealers and garages in France. 
The left front door wasn’t closing in his lock, the door was hanging at the rear,  because there is no crossmember in the door for stiffness  (factory fault?), this is the reason the car has only drove 6463km and then put away for many years (in a brand new condition) 
I’ve driven the car , the engine has a good oil pressure and no strange sounds, see video.
Many nice details on the car , see photos
In 1927 a same Amilcar with Weymann Saloon body won the MonteCarlo Rallye.
An Unique car to own !
Only 3 suvivors known of the M Type with a Weymann Saloon body
Along with the success of the sporty CC, CS, CGS, CGSS and C6, Amilcar also developed over the years a range of “tourers” with the C4, E, G, J and L. The model M was launched at the 1928 Paris Show as a replacement of the Type L. The calculation of the fiscal power having changed, the M became a 7hp of 1244cc whereas the L was a 8hp of 1190cc. A year and a little more than 1,100 units later, the type M was replaced by the M2. 
€  18000,-

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